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Tenuta Foppa & Ambrosi: The New Generation of Brazilian Winemakers in Napa

Welcome to the home of Tenuta Foppa & Ambrosi, where passion for winemaking has led us from a humble basement in Brazil to the prestigious vineyards of Napa Valley. Founded in 2017 by Lucas Foppa and Ricardo Ambrosi, we began our journey by hand-crafting a mere 60 bottles of Marselan wine. Our ambition and determination, unaided by wealthy family or investors, propelled us to achieve a significant milestone of 60,000 bottles by 2022 in Brazil.

Winemakers Ricardo Ambrosi and Lucas Foppa in the cellar of Ambrosi's - The humble beginnings of a legacy, where every bottle tells a story of passion and craftsmanship.

Our journey took us to Napa Valley, where we soaked up the knowledge and unique viticultural practices that make American wines so distinct. This led to the creation of our first American wine: Foppa & Ambrosi American Collection Syrah 2021. This limited-edition wine, with only 1,800 bottles from six oak barrels, is a testament to our commitment to crafting quality wines. It carries the prestige of its terroir, Coombsville - AVA, Napa Valley.

Lucas Foppa and Ricardo Ambrosi standing proud in front of the winery's tasting room - a remarkable 120-year-old house in Brazil. A testament to time, tradition, and the taste of extraordinary wines.

We're proud to be the first Brazilian winery to produce wine in the United States. Our portfolio, spanning from sparkling to rosé, white, and red wines, is all crafted following modern enology. We take pride in using alternative oak techniques and blending grapes from different regions and vintages, creating exclusive wines that are hard to compare.

Inside the winery's restored 120-year-old cellar - a historic site where fine wine barrels now rest, awaiting the perfect moment to share their legacy. A symbiosis of tradition and innovation in the heart of Brazil's wine country.

Join us in our journey as we strive to create international level wines, carrying our Italo-Gaucho and Brazilian culture with us wherever we go. We invite you to taste the result of our dedication and passion, and look forward to sharing our love for wine with you.

Partners Lucas Foppa, Ricardo Ambrosi, and Alberto Mendoza, hands-on in the delicate process of labeling their wines - Foppa & Ambrosi American Collection Napa Valley Syrah 2021. A testament to their dedication and passion for crafting wines that tell a story in every bottle.

As Lucas Foppa once said, "This story of devotion to enology does not end with a summary of the journey so far... it continues. And it will be built and toasted by all of us." Welcome to Tenuta Foppa & Ambrosi.



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