About the Winery

The Team


Founder Winemaker

Lucas Foppa

Starting at just 21, Lucas co-founded Tenuta Foppa & Ambrosi. With experience working for French company Moët-Hennessy and American Rombauer Vineyards, Lucas's background adds unique value to the winery. Coming from a non-rich family, his creativity and determination have driven the success.


Founder and Head Winemaker

Ricardo Ambrosi

Also beginning at 21, Ricardo partnered with Lucas to create Tenuta Foppa & Ambrosi. He has worked for Rombauer Vineyards in the U.S. and the giant Brazilian winery Salton. His vision and relentless determination have played a vital role in the brand's growth.

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Simone Cará

Simone Cará is the esteemed CEO of Tenuta Foppa & Ambrosi Wines, the pioneering winery established by renowned Brazilian winemakers in Napa Valley. Born in Brazil, Simone now resides in the United States, bringing a wealth of international experience and a deep passion for winemaking to her role.

Simone graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Business Administration from the University of Houston, where she honed her strategic and managerial skills. Her career has spanned multiple industries  with significant achievements in the retail sector, where she earned recognition for excellence in customer service.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Simone is dedicated to community development. She serves as a Director of a US-based non-profit Foundation, contributing her expertise to support economic growth and empower local entrepreneurs.

Under Simone's leadership, Tenuta Foppa & Ambrosi Wines continues to flourish, blending Brazilian heritage with Napa Valley's rich winemaking traditions, and setting new standards of excellence in the industry.


COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Alberto Mendoza

Overseeing operations and serving as Cellar Master at Rombauer, Alberto's extensive experience in production and quality control has been central to crafting the fine wines that define Tenuta Foppa & Ambrosi.