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Foppa & Ambrosi American Collection

Foppa & Ambrosi American Collection
Syrah 2021

Foppa & Ambrosi American Collection
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Introducing the Foppa & Ambrosi American Collection Syrah 2021, a distinctive embodiment of the audacious spirit of Brazilian winemakers in the renowned terroirs of America. This inaugural American vintage, a limited edition with only 1800 bottles available, marks a significant milestone for winemakers Lucas Foppa and Ricardo Ambrosi.

This exceptional Syrah originates from the CoombsVille AVA region of Napa Valley, a gem amongst wine regions known for its temperate climate and mineral-rich volcanic soils. This area, named after early Napa County settler Nathan Coombs and officially recognized as a Napa Valley sub-appellation in 2011, is uniquely composed of vineyards that produce grapes of extraordinary quality.

Handpicked from vineyards nestled in a west-facing concave bowl shaped by millennia of landslides, the Syrah grapes for this wine receive the benefit of a cooler climate. This allows for slower, more developed phenolic ripeness, resulting in a wine characterized by soft tannins, notes of dark black fruits like blackberries and blackcurrants, and a refreshing acidity, all the while maintaining moderate alcohol levels.

Aged for 14 months in French oak barrels, the American Collection Syrah 2021 balances the robust fruit flavors with a delicate touch of vanilla and spice. This wine is a testament to Foppa and Ambrosi's journey and their commitment to creating exceptional wines that exemplify the fusion of their vibrant Brazilian spirit and the traditional winemaking practices of Napa Valley. Experience the Foppa & Ambrosi American Collection Syrah 2021 today, and become part of this extraordinary winemaking narrative.

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James Suckling
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Distinctive character, with rich palate coating textures and lots of layers and depth - this is benchmark Wine

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